Asante Kotoko S.C. and Asamoah Gyan voted Ghana's best - QUDAL survey

Source: QUDAL | Wed 20th Aug, 2014 | 11:46 GMT  
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Ghanaians consider Manchester United F.C. the best international sports club when it comes to quality and deem Cristiano Ronaldo  the best international athlete, according to a QUDAL survey in Ghana

Asante Kotoko S.C. was voted the No. 1 Ghanan sports club, with Asamoah Gyan voted the highest quality Ghanaian athlete

Ghanaians view Manchester United F.C. as the absolute best international sports club and Asante Kotoko S.C. as the best Ghanaian sports club, regardless of which sport, according to the first QUDAL - QUality meDAL survey conducted in the African country.
The innovative QUDAL survey has provided novel insight into how Ghanaian internet users perceive sport, sports stars and sports clubs - both in their country and internationally. The research was conducted by the Swiss organization ICERTIAS ( via an on-line panel.
The QUDAL - QUality meDAL survey measures exclusively quality. Instead of popularity, the QUDAL survey gauges only people's perceptions, experiences and satisfaction with the quality of products or services - in this instance: sports subjects, individuals, organizations or clubs.
In the mentioned QUDAL survey for Ghana, the most votes for highest quality went to Manchester United F.C. (category: international sports club), Asante Kotoko S.C. (category: Ghanaian sports club), footbal player Cristiano Ronaldo (category: international athlete) and Asamoah Gyan (category: Ghanaian athlete).
The survey was performed through a web questionnaire based on the innovative DEEPMA-CAWI method (Deep Mind Awareness - Computer Assisted Web Interviewing).

Asante Kotoko S.C. and Manchester United F.C. voted best sport clubs

The citizens of Ghana were asked within the survey which sports club they percieved as the absolute best, regardless of which sport. The majority of the respondents answered Manchester United F.C.
Asked about which Ghanaian sports club they viewed as the leading in quality, regardless of which sport, the majority of respondents opted for Asante Kotoko S.C.
Most appreciated athletes are football players Ronaldo and Gyan

When asked about the leading international athlete, the survey takers clearly identified two superstars of sport; Cristiano Ronaldo received the most votes, becoming the international No. 1 in terms of quality, while Asamoah Gyan won in a landslide over his competitors and was declared by the Ghanaians as the absolute best athlete of their nation at the moment.
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QUDAL - QUality meDAL ( is a continuous project for research and awarding products, services and other subjects in local and international markets that offer the best quality - exclusively based on the experience and opinions of consumers. On a global scale, the QUDAL - QUality meDAL project is conducted and supported by the Swiss organization ICERTIAS - International Certification Association GmbH based in Zurich, Switzerland. While conducting their researches for the QUDAL system, ICERTIAS cooperates with many independent local and international organizations, in turn encouraging cooperation related to raising awareness of the importance of quality both on the local market and at the global level.
ICERTIAS - International Certification Association GmbH is a private, politically independent organization based in Zurich, Switzerland. ICERTIAS ( stimulates innovative ways of market testing and research at both local and international levels. The organization is primarily focused on the global recognition and promotion of product quality and value. ICERTIAS also encourages international cooperation between current and new testing, research and certification organizations and promotes collaborative development of testing, research and certification tools across national borders. Operating from a consumer perspective, ICERTIAS educates local organizations to promote products and services tested to meet its high-quality standards, offer better value, and extend such quality to local and international markets. Internationally, ICERTIAS is now best known for its Best Buy Award ( and QUDAL - QUality meDAL ( research and certification systems.
The Information and data presented in this report and announcement are for informational purposes only. This report is neither designed nor intended to be used for making investment decisions. ICERTIAS (ICERTIAS – International Certification Association GmbH, Zurich, Switzerland), as well as the distributor of the information from this report, cannot be in any way responsible for decisions or actions carried out based on the results of the survey, and/or the information contained in this document. The entire survey was conducted with special attention and effort to present results in a precise and transparent manner. However, ICERTIAS and/or its partners, managers, and/or its employees are not liable for the accuracy and/or credibility of the information presented here or in the survey.

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Asante Kotoko S.C. and Asamoah Gyan voted Ghana's best - QUDAL survey
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